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The Story that Carries Me Through Depression

The foundation that I need to endure the nothingness that accompanies depression.

The Greatest Lie I Ever Believed

The lie that keeps you down

Non-Negotiable #3: Diet or Die

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I didn’t even graduate cooking school. Everything I’m sharing here is based on personal experience and not meant to serve as medical advice. Also, if you hate people who talk about the ketogenic diet, please stop reading. I… Continue Reading “Non-Negotiable #3: Diet or Die”

Don’t Assume You Know Why Someone is Depressed

There’s often no easily apparent cause and without it, we’re at a loss as to the solution. That’s okay.

The Church is Uninformed When It Comes to Mental Illness, and Why That’s Insane.

The church is standing on the front lines of a mental health crisis and has no idea what it’s doing.