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It’s Okay to Not Know How to Feel Right Now

This is new territory for all of us.

The Greatest Lie I Ever Believed

The lie that keeps you down

Don’t Assume You Know Why Someone is Depressed

There’s often no easily apparent cause and without it, we’re at a loss as to the solution. That’s okay.

The Church is Uninformed When It Comes to Mental Illness, and Why That’s Insane.

The church is standing on the front lines of a mental health crisis and has no idea what it’s doing.

If You’re Broken and You Own It, That’s a Start. Clap-clap.

You’re never going to embark on an uncharted chapter, if you haven’t acknowledged where you are in the story. 

Stop Judging Your Progress in Days

In order to view bad days rightly we need to see them in the context of an overwhelmingly positive narrative.

Getting to Zero

Most people are trying to go from a one to a ten, when they’re not even in the positive numbers.

Why call it Uncharted Chapter?

There are three things I know of that a person with bipolar disorder cannot do: Get a pilot’s license (I looked into it after visiting an airfield) Get a security clearance (I learned this after I tried to get a job that required one)…